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The Winelancer concept was created by a number of Consultants in the wine business, with the aim to share knowledge. Today is a service where a number of consultants 2ork together in different wine related projects. as organization is registered as a limited co-operation, Wine Media AB, Organization number 556941- 2421. For more information about the organization please email

A wine Consultant Work on the buyer side and is paid a fixed cost for a service, and is not acting as an agent. 

What is a Winelancer?

  • “A self- employed professional person who works for wine buyers on a fixed fee basis”. A wine lancer does not work on a % commission.
  • A wine lancer communicates with producers on behalf of the buyer and establish the connection in between. Once connection is established, producer and buyer stay in direct contact.
  • A wine lancer plays a role in the decision making by exchanging contacts and getting producers connected to the buyers.

Skills of a Winelancer

  • Has the ability to communicate and deal with international business.
  • Language proficiency: excellent command/ highly proficient in spoken and written (minimum 2 international languages).
  • Has intermediate computer skills- A work of a wine lancer is technological driven, therefore computer skills play a key role.
  • Has previous work experience in international import/export business.
  • A skill to rapid learn new business opportunities and understand demand and supply.

Who can work as a Winelancer?

  • A person who has a 5 year work experience in international business.
  • A person who fulfills all the above skills.
  • A person who is sincere to his/her work and wants to increase knowledge in international business.
  • A person who understands the task and performs well on the given guidelines.
  • A person who likes to fulfill targets and become a successful Winelancer.
  • A person who is keen to work on a fixed fee basis.
  • A person flexible to work in different markets and different projects simultaneously.

If you are interested to become a Winelancer consultant, please email, write attention Polina Dernova in title. Polina is in charge of recruitments at

Role of a Winelancer

The role of the Winelancer consultant is to match suppliers with buyers. In the alcohol beverage business it is today a big number of intermediate contacts in between supplier and buyer. The problem with the intermediates is that it cost % from both supplier and buyer side, however an even bigger problem is that every layer of intermediates complicates communication and result in more misunderstandings in between professional buyers and suppliers.

Before a Winelancer start a project in a market, the Winelancer get educate by the buyer, in order to understand the particular business opportunity to help out with. The platform is used to assist the Winelancer consultants in the consultancy work in aim to make sure that supplier side understand a particular market opportunity and can take a decision thereafter.

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